Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jimmy Osmond Updates...American Entertainment Awards, AWPAC 2017 Season & more

Hello friends!

We performed a fun Moon River & Me Show at the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre in Marietta, Georgia this past Saturday. I wanted to thank those who came to see the show!

Next up is this Thursday, February 9, 10:00 PM ET airing nationwide on RFD TV - the American Entertainment AwardsThe show is hosted by Tony Orlando and features the Osmond Brothers, Lennon Sisters, Pasha And Ilona, Rick Thomas, Daniel O'Donnell, The Gatlin Brothers, with a special cameo from the Oak Ridge Boys. Also, a special spotlight hosted by Sophia Osmond on the Brett family and the Dutton family. Don't miss it!

I also wanted to share this press release that just came out for the 25th anniversary season of my theater:
Andy Williams Performing Arts Center in Branson, MO Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary with Nostalgia and Class

- Jimmy Osmond


  1. Glad you had a fun time,are you going to bring the show back to the U.K.,everyone loved it so much.cant wait to see you in east Leigh and porthcawl.just saw your older brother now what's his name ah yes ..Donny lol

  2. I hope I can get it in San Diego! Would not miss it for the world!

  3. I hope I can get it in San Diego! Would not miss it for the world!

  4. It all sounds very exciting Jimmy. I wish we could see the awards show in the UK. I'm excited you'll be over in the UK again in a few weeks, just after my 50th birthday! We'll celebrate shall we?! Love ya Jackie xxxx

  5. Andy would be so thrilled you are about to celebrate The 25 years of his theatre! And what a fantastic theatre it is! Really need to come back soon.
    Looking forward to welcoming you back into the UK soon!

  6. i got my vr set for the awards show and i would love for you to bring moon river and me to north carlina

  7. Loved seeing you, Steve, Charlie and the band here in Marietta. Had a lot of fun at the show. Come back any time. ♡ Sandra

  8. Just watched the link to the American entertainment awards and it was fantastic! I hope that we'll see something just as great in Scotland very soon indeed. from Sandra in Renfrew, renrewshire, Scotland.