Friday, September 9, 2016

Jimmy Osmond invites you to a party at The Suncoast in Vegas

Hello everyone,

I can't believe my Moon River & Me Tour stops at The Suncoast in Las Vegas NEXT WEEK. As I've mentioned before, it is really exciting for me to have the Moon River & Me Show stop in Vegas for two dates - September 17 & 18. We will have a lot of fun with some special guests - including my brother Jay Osmond and Charlie Green. We are also having a little party in celebration of my 50th year in entertainment. The following announcement has been shared on our social media, but I thought I'd also post it here in case some of you haven't heard about it.

I hope you can join me at The Suncoast September 17 and 18.
- Jimmy Osmond

Hey everybody - We’re having a party!    
Jimmy’s Moon River and Me Show will be at The Suncoast in Las Vegas next Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.  Have you got your tickets yet?  
The deadline for signing up for the Ice Cream Social is fast approaching and it is being extended until the 14th.  Jimmy has invited those attending the Ice Cream Social to come to sound check Saturday afternoon.  The Ice Cream Social will be after the show Saturday evening.  We will be honoring Jimmy for his 50th Year in Entertainment after sound check.  If you are coming to the show, please join us for this fun celebration.  For more details on the sound check and Ice Cream Social, contact Cathy at  Please let her know who will be attending so that names can be added to the list.  There is no charge for the sound check or Ice Cream Social, however, your ticket to either show Saturday or Sunday is your admission to the festivities.   
Everybody get ready to party!


  1. I wish, bit too far to go on a day trip - have fun

  2. So wish I could be there!! Have a great time in Vegas and enjoy your 50th celebrations!! (How is that possible!!) and look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks in England!!

  3. So wish I could be there,but as Joan said a bit to far,have a great time and see you soon in the UK.xx

  4. Really wish I could be there with you to celebrate Jimmy... (my sulky face on) But we will be waiting to welcome you here to the UK in a couple of weeks. Enjoy your ice cream!!Safe travels xx