Friday, May 4, 2018

Happy Birthday Mother

People calibrate Star Wars by saying May the 4th be with you, but for me, I celebrate the true force for good that has been in my life. I still feel the influence daily and am grateful for the love, sacrifice and example of the best Jedi master ever. Happy birthday Mother, sweet mother of mine.

- Jimmy Osmond

Olive Osmond

Olive and Jimmy Osmond


  1. Happy birthday Mother Osmond.thinking of you Jimmy.she did a fantastic job bringing up you and your brothers and Marie,she would be so proud of you all

  2. These kinds of birthdays are always hard, I know!!. My thoughts are with you today, Jimmy as you think of your Mum!. She will be looking down at you wearing a beautiful and very proud smile!!. Remember she is with you everywhere you go in each and every ❤️ Beat!. ��

  3. Aww I bet your Mum would be proud to be called the best Jedi Master Ever! What lovely words Jimmy.She would be so proud of you now. You look so much like her, more so than any of your siblings. I've been thinking of you today, knowing that you must miss your Mum so much, but especially today. May the fourth be with you, Your Mum had it & you have it too! You are a great Jedi Master my friend! :-) Xxx

  4. Saw you in Kilmarnock Jimmy. Loved Moon River x

  5. You do the head tilt just like her! Thank you to you and your brothers and sister. When I used to watch the family Christmas shows I longed to be a part of your family. Sadly, my family life was coming apart due to my mumma being sick and eventually losing a battle with cancer (she was only 36). On one of her worst days, your show was on and I just wanted to crawl into that TV set to escape to a family where there wasn't cancer and have a mother who smiled brightly wearing her lipstick and sharing her kids with the rest of the world. To your fans, your mom was sometimes our mom too. Thank you for sharing her with the world...God bless