Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jimmy Osmond - Happy 25th Anniversary Andy Williams PAC!

Hi everyone!

I've got to tell you...I'm so excited about the 2017 season at my theater in Branson, Missouri, The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center. It is always fun to announce the new season line-up, but this year is extra special, because we are celebrating the theater's 25th anniversary. My dear friend, Andy Williams, had such a vision when he built this beautiful theater and it is amazing to see all of the tremendous talent it has brought to Branson for 25 years now.

This year, our featured shows include:
Illusionist Rick Thomas - March-December
My tribute show to Andy Williams, Moon River & Me (featuring Charlie Green) - April-September
The Lettermen - October-December

Our Celebrity Weekends Series include:
Tanya Tucker with EmiSunshine - September 16
Bill Engvall - October 7
America - October 8
Loretta Lynn - October 14 & 15
Neil Sedaka - October 21
Paul Anka - November 12
More dates in this series to be announced!

And, our Christmas season will be a lot of fun:
Hallmark Presents Maxine's Christmas Carol - November 1 - December 16
The Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza Starring the 5th Dimension - November 1-18
The Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza Starring The Osmonds & The Lennons - November 19-December 16

I've included the links for each show so you can easily click to learn more and be directed to our online ticket site. If something listed here catches your attention, I hope you'll come and visit us at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and help us celebrate the theater's 25th anniversary!
- Jimmy Osmond


  1. Fantastic line up jimmy,just wish I could go to some shows,I'm aiming for Christmas ones so hopefully I will be there.xx

  2. An exciting year ahead of you! Hope to come back to Branson soon!

  3. Sounds like you are gonna have a load of fun this year, shame I can't get over there, you will just have to bring the whole lot over here again this year ;) Missing you and the gang. Love ya xxx

  4. Fabulous Jimmy. Gonna have to sell my home in the UK and move to Branson I think! Xxx ;-)

  5. Wonderful! Hope there's time for another UK trip this year!

  6. Hoping you will add The Bacon Brothers!

  7. Miss going to Branson and meeting up with US friends but "Gu" duties come first these days

  8. All looks great Jimmy. Hope you bring it back to the U.K again. Ecen my husband loves your show.