Friday, September 23, 2016

Jimmy Osmond touring in the U.K.!

Hi everyone!

My brothers, Merrill and Jay, and I have been busy with interviews and our two performance dates and it has all been so much fun! Eastleigh was today and Butlins tomorrow - come and see us!

Next, I head out for my Moon River & Me Tour in the U.K. starting with my first show September 26 in Wolverhampton. Charlie Green and Emily Penny will be joining me. I hope you can join is a listing of all of the upcoming dates for the Moon River & Me Tour.

Speaking of Charlie Green...he has just released his new EP "Feeling Good," and I'm so excited for him. He has an amazing voice and I know you won't want to miss getting this new CD, so I thought I'd share some links where you can get it:

Apple Music
Amazon Music
Google Play

And just for fun...

Hope to see you at one of my upcoming shows with the Moon River & Me Tour!
- Jimmy Osmond

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jimmy Osmond...50 Years!

Well folks, it's official - I've entered my 50th year in the entertainment business! When I was at The Suncoast in Las Vegas last weekend with the Moon River & Me Tour, there was a little celebration to kick-off my 50th anniversary and this video that was created for me was shown. I wanted to share it with all of you here is so fun looking back at all of these memories. :-)
- Jimmy Osmond

Jimmy Osmond - Celebrating 50 years in show business

Monday, September 19, 2016

Jimmy Osmond...headed for the U.K.

I had such a great time with the Moon River & Me show at The Suncoast in Vegas this past weekend, and wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful support as I officially began my 50th anniversary in entertainment. Now I'm on my way to the U.K. to continue the tour...and the fun!

First, my brothers, Merrill and Jay, and I will be performing September 23 in Eastleigh and September 24 in Butlins. Then, I start the Moon River & Me Tour back up September 26 in Wolverhampton. I'll be performing 27 shows all the way through October 30 when I get to Woking! So, who is coming to see me, Charlie Green and Emily Penny? :-)

All show details here!
- Jimmy Osmond

Friday, September 16, 2016

Jimmy Osmond - A fun media day in Vegas!

I had a great time with my interviews today - starting with The Morning Blend at KTNV. Here are some photos with hosts Shawn Tempesta and JJ Snyder from my visit there...

You can see that we had a lot of fun. You can watch my appearance on The Morning Blend here if you missed it earlier.

I then had an interview with Scott Gentry at KJUL, and finished off my morning with a visit to the Highway Radio studios for an interview with Bart Torres.

So, tomorrow is the big night - I open at The Suncoast in Vegas with the Moon River & Me show! We do it all again Sunday night, then I head over to the U.K. for two dates with my brothers Merrill and Jay, and then continue the Moon River & Me Tour over there! This is so much fun!
- Jimmy Osmond

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jimmy Osmond...Hello Vegas!

My weekend in Vegas for the Moon River & Me shows at The Suncoast is finally here! I've just gotten to Vegas and will be resting up for some fun interviews tomorrow.

I'll be on KTNV's The Morning Blend tomorrow morning - you should be able to watch here.

After my visit to The Morning Blend, I'll be talking with Scott Gentry at KJUL about 10:30 AM Pacific - Listen Live

Then, about 11:00 AM Pacific I'll be talking to Bart Torres at Highway Radio!

I'm not really sure exactly what time I'll be airing, but if you visit the links I've left here, you should be able to find me. :-)

Of course, you can see me, my brother Jay Osmond, Charlie Green, and maybe another surprise or two at my Moon River & Me shows September 17 & 18 at The Suncoast!

Here is a cool shot I thought I would share, which really sums up what this Moon River & Me show is all about for me...

Jimmy Osmond and Andy Williams
September 17 & 18

After Vegas, I'm headed to the U.K. where the Moon River & Me Tour continues!

- Jimmy Osmond

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jimmy Osmond...after Vegas it is off to the U.K.!

This time next week I'll be at The Suncoast in Vegas with the Moon River & Me Tour - September 17 & 18...but, then we are off to the U.K. My brothers, Merrill and Jay Osmond, will be performing with me for two Osmond Brothers shows - September 23 in Eastleigh, then September 24 in Butlins.

I'll have a couple of days off, then I start the U.K. leg of the Moon River & Me Tour. My first show will be September 26 in Wolverhampton. I'll be taking the Moon River & Me Tour throughout the U.K. all the way until the 30th of October where we finish up in Woking. It is going to be so much fun!

I'll have one day off to travel back to the U.S. October 31st, then I will re-join my brothers Merrill and Jay when we open with the Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza November 1 - December 9 at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center in Branson, Missouri. We'll then perform three Christmas road dates with The Lennons in Ohio and Illinois...then Merrill, Jay and I head right back to the U.K.! Yep - we're bringing the Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza to the U.K. beginning December 14.

Needless to say, we start a very busy schedule next week and we will be traveling and performing right through the end of 2016. We'll have a little break and be right back at it in 2017! I'm excited and hope to see all of you out there. To keep up with our crazy schedule, you can find all of the details about out upcoming dates on

See you soon!
- Jimmy Osmond

Friday, September 9, 2016

Jimmy Osmond invites you to a party at The Suncoast in Vegas

Hello everyone,

I can't believe my Moon River & Me Tour stops at The Suncoast in Las Vegas NEXT WEEK. As I've mentioned before, it is really exciting for me to have the Moon River & Me Show stop in Vegas for two dates - September 17 & 18. We will have a lot of fun with some special guests - including my brother Jay Osmond and Charlie Green. We are also having a little party in celebration of my 50th year in entertainment. The following announcement has been shared on our social media, but I thought I'd also post it here in case some of you haven't heard about it.

I hope you can join me at The Suncoast September 17 and 18.
- Jimmy Osmond

Hey everybody - We’re having a party!    
Jimmy’s Moon River and Me Show will be at The Suncoast in Las Vegas next Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.  Have you got your tickets yet?  
The deadline for signing up for the Ice Cream Social is fast approaching and it is being extended until the 14th.  Jimmy has invited those attending the Ice Cream Social to come to sound check Saturday afternoon.  The Ice Cream Social will be after the show Saturday evening.  We will be honoring Jimmy for his 50th Year in Entertainment after sound check.  If you are coming to the show, please join us for this fun celebration.  For more details on the sound check and Ice Cream Social, contact Cathy at  Please let her know who will be attending so that names can be added to the list.  There is no charge for the sound check or Ice Cream Social, however, your ticket to either show Saturday or Sunday is your admission to the festivities.   
Everybody get ready to party!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Jimmy Osmond News Updates

Our Osmond Fan Appreciation Alaskan Cruise ends tomorrow. My family and I sure have had a great time. Here are a couple more photos from our adventures...

Jimmy Osmond Family

How's this for a selfie?! Michelle, me, our kids and Charlie Green

Here is something fun coming up that I thought I'd share with you. Every Sunday in September I'll be joining The Breeze for an hour...and you can listen live. I'll share stories and they'll play some of my favorite "feel good" music. We'll, of course, throw in some old Osmond hits. 

I can't believe in two weeks I'll be at The Suncoast in Las Vegas with the Moon River & Me Tour. This is a stop on this tour that I've really been looking forward to. I can't believe I have this opportunity. Following those two performances September 17 & 18, I then head to the UK with Merrill and Jay for shows September 23 in Eastleigh, then September 24 in Butlins. Then, September 26 I open the UK leg of the Moon River & Me Tour in Wolverhampton. For more info on all of these upcoming dates, visit

- Jimmy Osmond